Exceptional Service Every Step of the Way is what we strive to deliver for our guests. We operate by three simple philosophies:
Mission-Constant Innovation

Constant Innovation

Maintaining a healthy dissatisfaction for the status quo propels us to ensure a constant stream of new ‘innovations’ to better serve you. These innovations (in the form of products, services, marketing, and operations) enable us to achieve higher treatment effectiveness, value and customers’ satisfaction. You can always look forward to new experience, service and results at Senze Salus.

Attention to Details

It is the small little things that count. That is why we fuss over things that are often overlooked. We believe that skincare goes above and beyond skin deep & luxury to encompass an overall sense of well-being. To deliver better care for your skin, we must first ensure we reduce the stress factors that can undermine the overall sense of well-being. This is evident in the furnishing, equipment selections, operational protocol and staff conduct.

For example, our famed Senzational Beds, soft cotton sheets, goose down comforters, and therapeutic pillows, are not only luxurious and pampering, they are specifically designed to induce relaxation & reduce cortisol levels (stress hormones). This is important as the skin regenerates and absorbs key ingredients best during deep relaxation. Furthermore, our therapists are trained to be mindful of your “senses” during treatment to ensure complete relaxation and enjoyment.


People, Passion & Commitment

We are a “people” business.Our success is achievable by the people (our team), and measurable by the people (you). As such, ‘people’ are our most valuable asset. We treat both our internal and external ‘people’ the same, with mutual respect & sincerity. We are passionate and committed to delivering optimal success for our team and finest skincare solutions for you, and this has enabled us to retain long term loyalty of both our team (exceptional by industry standards) and our guests.

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