Our Team

Since the spa’s establishment in 2004, our Beauty Therapist Team is proud to have served thousands of discerning long-term guests who have trusted our expert hands to care for their skincare wellness. We genuinely believe in & live by the motto ‘happy employees equal happy customers’. Our team serves from the heart as they believe in maintaining long term relationships with their guests, which leads to high customer satisfaction.

Our employees are core assets of the company, therefore, staffing is of utmost important to us. Right from the recruitment exercise, every single Beauty Therapist hired must be ‘tested’ by top management. The strict criteria include hand skills, years of experience, knowledge, professionalism, and most importantly, client care. The average experience amongst our Beauty Therapists is 8 years and above. Once recruited, they go through a stringent training program of up to 3 months before they are allowed to serve the guests.

Internally, we create a working environment that optimizes job satisfaction. To ensure continued skill development, team members are encouraged to contribute ideas that help enhance treatment experience and efficacy. This approach is very effective especially given the collective knowledge and capabilities of the Beauty Therapists combined.

Having the ability to retain quality staff loyalty will go to help nurture the long-term relationship for our guests. This is especially important given that skin care is a life long journey. Having the same therapist to look after your skin care health is naturally crucial to our success.

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