Spa Policies

+Spa Package Terms & Conditions

  1. All bookings made are considered confirm. A reminder will be sent prior to booking date. Penalty fee of $10 will be deducted from the package in the event of cancellation/no show after the set time in the reminder sms. All reservations matters will be communicated via phone calls, SMS or email. The last-minute cancellation fee will still apply in the case that customers do not wish to be contacted for all appointment matters.
  2. Standard Package $1000 & above valid within 3 years. Package below $1000 valid within 1 year from the application date. Remaining balance is nullified. Package validity cannot be extended. Validity may be different for promotional packages. Please refer to the specific promotion terms & expiry date on the invoice.
  3. There is no refund/exchange for all partially utilized packages. Unused packages can be exchanged to other packages of equal to or higher value or retail products within 7 days of purchase. No cash refund to be given.
  4. All complimentary items are neither refundable nor exchangeable. And not valid with other promotion/offer/retail products.
  5. No refund will be given in the event of relocation/closure of outlet(s) or unavailability of a specific staff so long as the services can be rendered at a different location or by a different staff.
  6. Standard Package holders are entitled to a 10% discount on selected products. This privilege is valid only while the package is active and last redemption date within 2months &  is not transferable or applicable with another offer/discount.  Not applicable with promotional packages.
  7. Flexi Series Package credit points are redeemable at Member prices at time of redemption. Items in Treatment Series Packages are fixed & not exchangeable to other items. In the case of reduced treatment time due to customer tardiness, full treatment will be deducted.
  8. A $10 Premium is applicable for each session rendered by Head Beauty Therapists from January 1, 2019 onwards.
  9. All booking requests (timing, location, and therapist) are subjected to availability. Late arrival may result in reduced treatment time.
  10. Standard packages are transferable and can be utilized at any SK-II Boutique Spa outlets within the country of purchase. Promotional packages are not transferable, unless otherwise stated.
  11. The company’s standard operation policies, including the spa etiquette, are to be observed at all time while present at our facilities.
  12. The company reserves the right to change menu items, prices, personnel and other policies at any time without prior notice, nor compensation.

+Loyalty Program Web-App

  1. By signing up for the Senze Rewards Application (‘Loyalty Web-App’), all applicants shall be taken to have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions set out by Senze Salus Concept Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries and related companies (collectively, ‘SS’). On SS’s acceptance of a membership application, the successful applicant shall be subject to and bound by the terms and conditions set out below. Each successful applicant shall be referred to as a ‘Member’ of the Programme. The Member agrees that the terms and conditions of the Programme maybe amended, modified or supplemented in whole or in part at any time and without prior notice.


  1. The Programme is open to all individuals above 21 years old.
  2. Applicants may only apply for the Programme by signing up on the Senze Rewards Loyalty Web-App, which is available for download via dedicated sign-up link or QR Code.
  3. Applicants are required to provide SS with truthful, accurate and complete information during the sign-up process and to keep their membership profiles current and updated. This information includes Full Name, DOB, Email Address and Mobile Number.
  4. SS reserves the right to reject any application for membership without offering any reasons.
  5. The Programme membership has no expiry date and does not require renewal or re-subscription.
  6. By submitting the application, the applicant authorises SS to collect, use and disclose his/her personal data for purposes of processing applications, transactions and requests, administration of membership, marketing and communication, and disclosure of information to third parties such as our agents, partners and contractors that assist the payment, transactions, and technical areas of the Programme.

+Member Account

  1. Each Programme account is for personal use and the Member shall not share, transfer, or sell his or her login details, password or OTP (One Time Password) to another party.
  2. SS has the right to assign new usernames and passwords to a Member whenever it deems it fit to do so (especially in the case of wrong email input for login).
  3. The Programme account holders are responsible for safeguarding and updating their personal information or password on the Web- App. If there are any suspected breaches of security such as loss, theft or unauthorized use of the account, the member is to notify SS immediately at
  4. Personal information such as name, email and contact number are crucial information and can be changed in Profile. Such information is required for SS to retrieve and store member’s rewards points and eVouchers. If these fields are incorrect or tampered with, the Member is to inform SS at
  5. By signing up for an account, the Member authorises and agrees for SS to collect, use, and disclose his/her personal data for purposes of processing applications, transactions and requests, administration of membership, marketing and communication, and disclosure of information to third parties such as our agents, partners and contractors that assist the payment, transactions and technical areas of the Programme.

+Suspension and Termination of Account

  1. SS has the right and absolute discretion to suspend or terminate the Member’s access to any of the privileges, offers, benefits and services under the Programme without offering any reasons. SS reserves the right to suspend membership whose points are inactive for more than 2 years. To reactivate membership, member is to raise this request to
  2. In cases where the Member is suspected of or found misusing the Web-App including but not limited to: posting malicious, obscene, vulgar, and/or defamatory content; distributing and/or disrupting any content, code and/or programme; invading the privacy of other users; sending viruses, bugs, spams, advertisement and/or blackmails, SS has the right to suspend or terminate the member’s account immediately without offering any reasons.
  3. Member who wishes to terminate his/her account is to provide SS with a written notification through the Contact Us at
  4. Points, rewards, offers, benefits, and vouchers cannot be redeemed, exchanged for cash, transferred and/or claimed for goods and services after the account has been terminated.
  5. Points, rewards, offers, benefits, and vouchers may not be reinstated after a terminated or suspended account has been reactivated.
  6. Reactivation of a terminated account, regardless of whether it is terminated by the Member or SS, is solely at the discretion of SS.

+Earn Points

  1. Points are earned based on the Member’s participation in the activities listed by SS, please refer to the Program’s Terms. These points will be credited into the Members’ account post-facial and an auto-generated notification will be received by the customer via email inbox or in Web-App message notification.
  2. SS reserves the right to add, change, replace or remove any of these earn-point activities, offers, promotions and campaigns at any point of time without any notice.
  3. Allocation of points and rewards is solely at the discretion of SS. Should the points allocated be inaccurate, SS reserves the right to amend, deduct or delete the points which have been credited into the Member’s account.
  4. Accumulated points are for personal use only. Points cannot be transferred to another person’s account and third parties (including family members) are not permitted to accumulate points on behalf of the Member’s account.
  5. The validity period of accumulated points cannot be extended, and expired points cannot be reinstated.
  6. Points that are not redeemed before their expiry cannot be claimed, transferred, or exchanged for cash or other gifts, rewards, and entitlement.
  7. SS reserves the right to reject allocating points to accounts that have been misused, suspended, or terminated.


Senze Rewards Points

  • Spend on SK-II Boutique Spa’s Facial Care treatments to earn Senze Rewards Points.
  • $1 earns you 1 Senze Point. Every point earned from the transaction date will be expired in 365 days.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • Valid with spending on non-promoted, full priced a la carte treatments and/or redemption of treatments from Standard and/or multiple sessions packages.
    • The Senze Points are awarded at the prevailing a la carte prices for a la carte treatment. And Member’s prices for Package redemption treatments.
    • The Senze Points are not applicable to free-of-charged, discounted, transferred or promoted treatments.
    • Senze Rewards membership & points are non-transferrable and only apply to an individual’s or a Package Holder’s own treatments rendered only.
    • Valid with transactions made at the SK-II Boutique Spa outlets in Singapore only.


Birthday Bonus Points

  • Members are eligible to earn 50% extra points for all eligible treatments spending within the birthday month.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • The bonus points will only be awarded if Senze Points are earned for the visit.
    • The general terms governing the Senze Points are applicable.


Frequent Visitor Bonus Points

  • Earn extra 50 Senze Points for consecutive visits.
  • Terms & Conditions:
    • The bonus points will be awarded only if the last visit was in the previous calendar month, or within the same calendar month of the current visit.
    • The Calendar Months refer to the months of January-December in each calendar year.
    • The bonus points will only be awarded if Senze Points are earned for current & previous visits.
    • The general terms governing the Senze Points are applicable.

+Redemption of Rewards (Through Points)

  1. All reward redemption requires self-collection and must be claimed within three months. Any reward that is not claimed and collected after three months will be regarded as being forfeited. All redemption is depending on the availability of the stock.
  2. SS reserves the right to change, replace or remove any of the redemption items or rewards should these items be out of stock or unavailable for redemption for whatever reason.
  3. A notice with the time and place of collection will be issued to the Member. Rewards that are not collected within three months are regarded as being forfeited. Redemption may only be made upon verification of the Member’s identity and production of the Member’s digital membership card.
  4. Expiry dates of rewards are final and cannot be extended. Rewards not redeemed or utilised within the eligibility period will be forfeited and cancelled.
  5. SS shall not be held responsible for rewards that have been forfeited for reasons stated in this Agreement.
  6. The Member shall independently assess the quality of the products and services redeemed and assume full responsibility for his/her choice of products and services redeemed. SS shall not be held liable for any infringement of trademarks and copyrights, defects, inaccuracies in display or description of the actual item or service, and/or damages that are howsoever caused whether directly or indirectly by the ability or inability to use the products and services.
  7. SS is not acting as an agent for its partners and shall not be held responsible for any misunderstanding of terms and conditions and/or disputes between Members and merchants or partners.

+Redemption of Vouchers

  1. The types of eVouchers issued vary from time to time and may be as part of marketing campaigns. eVouchers can be redeemed by member via rewards catalogue in the Web-App.
  2. Each Member may be entitled to different eVouchers.
  3. Each type of eVoucher is subject to specific terms and conditions applicable to that type of eVoucher. It is the responsibility of the Member to be familiar with the respective terms and conditions applicable to the eVoucher awarded.
  4. eVouchers are digital vouchers that will not be issued in physical form.
  5. eVouchers issued may be in the form of discount codes, coupon codes, electronic copies of vouchers, or in any manner or form as communicated by SS.
  6. For use of eVouchers at SK-II Boutique Spa Outlets, merchants will have to verify the Member’s membership validity and his/her personal identity; and the Member will have to present the eVoucher to the merchant to enter the Merchant Passcode.
  7. All eVouchers cannot be transferred, exchanged for points, cash or other vouchers.
  8. Expiry dates on all eVouchers are final. Failure to redeem or utilize the eVouchers within the stated validity period will render the eVouchers invalid.
  9. Expired eVouchers cannot be reinstated, exchanged, or refunded.
  10. In the case where the eVoucher received is faulty, incomplete, or incorrect, the Member will have to inform SS immediately. Any complaints thereafter shall not be entertained.
  11. SS reserves the right to cancel, revoke or suspend any eVouchers in the case of suspected/actual fraud, cheating or tampering with eVouchers.

+Privacy and Copyrights

  1. The Programme is an exclusive property of SS and follows the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use stated on com
  2. All materials within the programme which include the website, mobile app, page layouts, content, visuals, designs, logo, graphics, images, texts and other intellectual property, cannot be copied, reproduced and distributed without the written consent or permission of SS.
  3. SS reserves the right to take legal action against any misuse or infringement of its intellectual property rights, plagiarism, hacking of its system and/or the misuse of personal accounts or other Members’ accounts


  1. The membership structure which includes benefits, rewards, privileges, offers and terms & conditions may be supplemented, altered or removed at the sole discretion of SS.
  2. Participation in the Programme is at the Member’s own risk. SS shall not be held liable for any damages, claims, expenses or losses howsoever caused whether directly or indirectly from the participation in this Programme, Programme materials and/or the good and services redeemed through the Programme.
  3. The content, including text, graphics, images and information on this website/application including but not limited to articles is for general information purposes only.  Information, materials or links that lead to external websites are not representative of SS. Members proceed to or access these websites at their own risk and SS shall not be held liable for the same.

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